VexiLife™ - an Essence of Life


VexiLife™, by utilizing unique properties of lactoferrin and other whey proteins and peptides including Proline Rich Polypeptide (PRP). The composition of each product has been established over many years studying the nutritional values of bovine milk components.


VexiLife™ Immune

 VexiLife Immune is a proprietary blend of highly purified bovine milk-  derived  apo- and holo-lactoferrin (ULTRAC ™) to fully exploit iron- dependent antimicrobial property of lactoferrin. It has been established     by Vitaerx scientists that low level of lactoferrin iron saturation is key for immune  homeostasis. By virtue of     specific iron saturation of lactoferrin (apo- versus  holo-lactoferrin) the formula of VexiLife Immune is a     distinct product on the market. 


VexiLife™ Immune Plus


VexiLifeImmune Plus is a proprietary blend of highly purified bovine milk derived apo- and holo- lactoferrin and other whey proteins and peptides (ULTLAC Plus™). The original formula of ULTRAC™ has been enhanced in this product by a complex of other whey-derived proteins and peptides  with proven immune enhancing properties. In addition to high potency of antimicrobial activity, the VexiLife Immune Plus has also a distinct immuno-regulatory function. Therefore the formula of VexiLife Immune Plus is an exclusive product on the market.


VexiLife™ Memory

VexiLife Memory is a proprietary blend of highly purified bovine colostrum derived Proline Rich Polypeptides (PRP) designed to be used for management of healthy cognition. A unique set of PRPs is obtained by rigorous extraction of hydrophilic peptides to secure the highest antioxidant activity of final  product. In various studies the PRP shown to improve cognition and enhance memory retention, making it an  ideal natural supplement for preventing age-related neurodegeneration. VexiLife Memory is clearly a unique product with no comparison to currently available products on the market.