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Is lactoferrin safe?

Lactoferrin is a natural glycoprotein  established as a member of the transferrin family protein. The  biological activities of lactoferrin stem from ability to specifically  bind the (Fe3)+ and (CO3)2- ions. Additionally this protein has an  ability to bind to a wide variety of cells.

Lactoferrin  is a very important component of colostrum- mammalian early milk.  However, it is also a part of mature milk and many body secretions, such  as tears, saliva, crevicular fluid, gastric juices, sperm and vaginal  secretions. The research has shown that bovine lactoferrin is safe and even more beneficial for other species- humans. This glycoprotein exhibits a wide variety of functions, that all lead to maintaining overall homeostasis in the body. Many scientific studies have confirmed that lactoferrin is non-toxic, even in large doses. Neither in-vivo, nor in- vitro tests have shown toxicity of lactoferrin. According to the current knowledge, bovine lactoferrin is not credited for any allergies or food intolerances. Moreover, bovine lactoferrin has been acknowledged by FDA as a product generally recognized as safe (GRAS). It is also an additive to the newborn formulas. 

Why one protein exhibits so many functions?

 Lactoferrin is a multifunctional protein. It targets many natural  processes  binding iron,  reducing the level of reactive oxygen species   and subsequently down-regulating the inflammatory responses.  

When to take VexiLife ™ ?

It is well documented that active ingredients of VexiLife™, in particular lactoferrin and other whey proteins,  could prevent or control insult-induced metabolic imbalance caused by a  variety of environmental stimuli. As such it is recommended to take VexiLife™ prophylactically  while traveling, being fatigued or exhausted from over work/exercise,  during the winter/spring fever and during various allergy seasons*.   

Why prevention is so important?

Prevention is important, because it  reduces the risk of serious illness, chronic conditions, pain, suffering  and expenses. It also gives opportunity for healthier, happier and  longer life. VexiLife product based on lactoferrin offers a  complex and advanced support for  immunity and overall  well-being. Laboratory tested and scientifically established  doses of our product are appropriate for preventative and long term  use. However, the most important thing about prevention is  systematicity.  

Why it is important to support my immune system and gut health?

Our bodies are constantly affected by bacteria, viruses and parasites.  While we work for hours, travel or actively spend time, we may become over-exerted and  more vulnerable to infections or serious diseases.  VexiLife product is designed to help your body maintain homeostasis and immune balance. Proper  functioning of intestinal mucosa and beneficial gut microflora are  among the key factors of  healthy and efficient immune system.