About Vitaerx Pharmaceutical, Inc.


Vitaerx Pharmaceutical, Inc., a Texas corporation, was founded to produce and market innovative dietary supplements. Since its inception in 2003, the Company has focused on development of natural supplements, which have profound characteristics to control food intake and its utilization in humans. The core of our technology is built around  milk-derived proteins, in particular  Lactoferrin. Bovine milk-derived lactoferrin  is purified from the antibiotic- and hormone- free bovine milk to obtain highly homogenous protein, and free of Coliform, Salmonella and pathogenic Staphylococcus.  

To aid everyday nutrition by implementing nature-derived solutions for better health.

 In today’s world, where fast-changing trends lead many customers  to confusion even when choosing nutritional supplements, we offer  natural health enhancement combined with new science achievements in  one tablet.  At Vitaerx labs we rely on both - nature and evidence-based  science. We want to keep it simple, yet formulate high quality and safe  products, that are beneficial to humans. Our key strength  is through promoting natural nutrients, as present in  bovine milk, to  help maintain  physiological balance and healthy management of active  living and aging.